Effective digital marketing for your business growth!

Digital Marketing:
solutions and management

Web page creation:
Marketing solutions;
SEO audit;
SEM, Adwords;
Marketing strategy implementation;
Profitable growth.

Cross-boarder opportunities:
identify and deliver

Strategy analysis;
Export market analysis;
Business plan development;

Starting and developing business in Lithuania

Free consultations;
Market research;
Business representation;
Business establishment;
Network opportunities;
Commercial/Labor Law;
Commercial audit.

Our process: thorough assessment; strategy design; action plan; supervision of implementation; measurement of the change.

What we are

We are experts in organization development and employee engagement, digital marketing, marketing and sales development, including e-commerce, M&A.

Our Belief

Knowledge – why change?
Experience – what change?
Passion – how to manage change?

Our Principles

Focus on what matters
Keep it simple with integrity and trust
Challenges are opportunities to start the change and to win

Who we are

20+ years of experience in international and local businesses

Dainius Kalina

Dainius Kalina

Managing Partner

During my professional career I have experienced a lot of changes, faced numerous challenges and witnessed overwhelming success stories of people and organisations which I am sharing with my clients. Throughout my years of service and leadership I managed to build solid foundation in marketing, finance, business development, people management.

After I progressed to the Chairman of the Board at one of the leading holdings in Lithuania and I still felt the same desire and passion to experiment, which brought me into new businesses with hunger for change, innovation and excitement for discovery.

I believe that brave decisions combined with expertise bring innovations and open opportunities. Like in mountain climbing and skiing, my other passions. You need knowledge and preparation to start going up the mountain or going down the slope. But it is a wise application of experience that makes you successful.

I am ready to work with companies and organisations which are looking forward, are not satisfied with the status quo, are fast and agile, dedicated to growth. If you are planning for M&A, if you are looking for partners across the boarder, if you are committed to market expansion, and many more – contact me.

Rasa Bagdoniene


People often ask a simple question “Do you need more talent or hard work to succeed?” I believe in a balance and harmony when talent is combined with diligence, experience is matched with desire to learn and stay curious, critical mind is supported by a great deal of idealism.

My experience at multinational company in different roles confirms that each individual can reach outstanding results if he/she performs at his/her best in the environment which enables, engages, and creates a challenge, triggers us from the tempting comfort zone. This is all about smart and forward looking change management with people in the focus.

Communication has been my passion and area of expertise. For me it is not about a text, a collection of words. I find more meaning and value-add to business success in creating effective relationships as a network within and outside organisation.

I believe in “a positive intent” by every member of any organisation, we just need to unleash the human power to co-create, for the good.

Rasa Bagdoniene

We are your single point of contact with a network of trusted and experienced partners in specific areas of business change management.

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